Volume Remote

The Volume Remote iOS app provides remote control of the volume of your MacOS (OS-X) computer. You mute the sound. You can also remotely put your computer to sleep.

Great when listening to music or watching a movie on your computer. The Volume Remote app can be used from any room in your house, or the convenience of your arm chair. The app uses your wireless network so it doesn't suffer the drawbacks of infra-red controllers.


  • Remotely control your computer's volume
  • Remotely sleep your computer
  • Works from multiple iOS devices at the same time
  • Optional password protection, to stop the kids taking over


  • A MacOS (OS-X) computer with system software OS-X 10.9* or later installed
  • An iPhone or iPad with the Volume Remote software installed


Free companion software must be installed onto your OS-X computer. Download the JazzRemoteServer package and open it on the computer you wish to control. It installs the server software and a System Preference Panel to control the server. (This server software is the same software used with the EyeTV Remote app. It only needs to be installed once).

You must also purchase and install the Volume Remote App from the iTunes store.

Version history

The server software is the same used for the EyeTV Remote app. Below is the history of the server software, as it applies to the Volume Remote app:

  • v1.0.5 First release for Volume Remote

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* Compatibility for 10.7 was originally included, but remains untested. Only OS-X 10.9 or later is supported.